Who is Bill Aycock

SO, Who am i?

Oh, wait, you probably already knew that. But what else…

I am a new dad! My little guy is going on two years old now. So when I am working with you on those family shoots, I GET IT! I understand how crazy life can be.
I love the outdoors, cycling, hiking, camping, and family time. And when I can combine all of those… that’s the stuff!




Coffee Bean


I had to update this section recently. I used to be a major coffee snob, loving unique blends perfectly ground and measured for pour over, but I actually quit consuming caffeine at the start of 2021. It was a challenge at first but is so freeing now! I still LOVE coffee, but tend to get a french press of black decaf, or the occasional seasonal drink like a decaf pumpkin spice, or mint mocha.

Coffee Bean


It is always fun to take a short trip down to Lawton, OK to hang out at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
But when I have some more time and can take a true camping vacation I am in love with Crested Butte, Colorado, and I cannot wait to get back there again.
We love to camp in the National Forest. No running water, no electricity, no people. Just peace, quiet, and pure beauty.

Coffee Bean

Bucket List

I LOVE aviation, and at the top of my bucket list is getting my pilot’s license. My dad had his when I was little, so I have fond memories of flying as a kid. I got to spend some time in the helicopter back in my news days, and it renewed that itch to learn to fly.
In 2016, I got my commercial drone license through the FAA, and am constantly listening to ATC radios and learning everything I can. It is not a cheap hobby, that is for sure.

Profesional Life

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I have a degree in Interpersonal Communications from the University of Central Oklahoma, which is through the Mass Communications program. Originally, I was planning on pursuing a career in ministry but kept being pulled in the broadcast direction. While I graduated with an Interpersonal Communications degree, I probably had enough Broadcast Comm credits to have earned that degree instead.

Coffee Bean


I have worked in production as long as I can remember. When I was around 12 years old I began volunteering with the church tech team. After college I worked for several different TV stations including News on 6 in Tulsa, as well as working for Royal Caribbean International. While most of my career has been Video Production, I have always loved photography, and so much of videography directly translates to photo.
These days, in addition to photography, I work for UCO in Edmond with the Center for eLearning and Connected Environments, doing video and photo for on-line classes.

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Every new photographer has heard the saying that the gear doesn’t matter as much as the skill. That is true, but at a certain point better gear just makes life so much easier, and that means YOUR shoot goes more smoothly. That is why I shoot on all Canon equipment. Canon (and Nikon) has been leading the photography industry for YEARS. My camera body of choice is a Canon 5D Mark 4. It is honestly one of the best cameras on the market, and I absolutely love it.

Other Businesses

My wife and I have the entrepreneurial mindset for sure. In addition to Bill Aycock Photography, my wife, Jessica, runs her own photography company specializing in newborns. She fell in love with newborn photography after our little guy was born.
Outside of Photography we also have 2 video production companies: Slow Fade Media, and Slow Fade Wedding Films.
In our free time (what little we have leftover) we also love woodworking. As we did more projects, friends kept asking us to do things for them. Thus, Aycock Hardwoods was created.
Make sure to check out the links below find more info on all of our other brands.

Jessica A Photography

Yes, it’s another photography company. Because nothing builds a strong marriage like 2 competing businesses.
Jessica and I have different styles so it makes sense to have two separate brands. Jessica specializes in newborn photography in addition to families. You will also commonly find us second shooting, or assisting the other on our shoots.

Slow Fade Wedding Films

As we began to do more weddings we saw the need for a brand unique to weddings. We specialize in story-driven wedding films. We strive to capture meaningful audio from throughout the day to tell your story through the video.

Slow Fade Media

This is the one that started them all. I started Slow Fade Media shortly after college, and this brand is the umbrella that all the other brands fall under. Slow Fade Media specializes in Non-Profit and Ministry video production, as well as aerial photography and videography, but takes on all projects not related to family photo or weddings.

Aycock Hardwoods

Wait, is the business name really…?
YEP! Sure is!
We have always said our last name could never be used for a business, but this one was too good to pass up. We specialize in furniture and cabinetry, but can do all kinds of fun projects.

Want to know more?

I would love to chat with you, if you want more info on me or my photography services shoot me a message.

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