Congratulations Momma! Show off that bump!
Ready to book

When to book

There is typically a very specific window of time for maternity photos. You want a nice prominent belly, but also don’t want to be uncomfortable and miserable during your shoot; It WILL show in your expressions. So when should you plan to book? The best time is in the 32-36 week period of pregnancy, because your belly will be big enough to really show it off, but you won’t have hit that “GET THIS KID OUT OF ME” wall yet. That all said, every woman’s body is different, and if you think a different time would be better I am happy to work with you at any time.


What to bring

For your maternity shoot, you may have up to two outfits. Please let me know at the beginning of your session if you do have an outfit change so I can plan accordingly.

If you are looking for some ideas on what to wear, I suggest searching through Pinterest for inspiration. Make sure it is something you will be comfortable in though. A lot of mommas like the long flowy dresses. Amazon is a great place to look for those. If you aren’t wanting to drop the money on a dress you will likely only wear once, I have access to dress & skirt rentals at a discount. If you would like to take advantage of this, please contact me prior to your session.

If you already have kids, they’re welcome join and are even encouraged to do so. The same goes for Pappa Bear too!

You might consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done. You will want to look and feel your best.

You are welcome to bring a few items as props but it is optional. Less is more.
Lastly, make sure you are hydrated and wear proper shoes for walking. If you want to rock those killer heals, bring them along, but slip them on just for the photo. Again, if you are uncomfortable it will show in your expression.


Time and location

I like to plan 30 minutes for maternity sessions. I understand what all you are going through, and know spending an hour on your feet at 8 months is NOT the picture of comfort. With a 30 minute session, I can capture plenty of beautiful images, and then get you back home so hubby can give you a foot rub (and he better do it, you deserve it girl!)

Most of the sessions I do are outdoors, though we can do an indoor studio session for an additional fee. I can make recommendations for great locations in the OKC and Tulsa metros, but if you have a specific place in mind, let me know.

If you want something out of the ordinary, we are available to travel for an additional mileage charge. Popular locations are the Great Salt Plains, Gloss Mountain, and the Wichita Mountains.


There is a $50 Session Fee for all maternity shoots.
Additionally, there is a $150 purchase agreement at the viewing.