Coffee Creek Golf Course
Edmond, OK

Any time I get to shoot in the snow makes for a great day, but today I had the opportunity to shoot with these TWO mommas at the same time. Lakyn and Shawna were true champs at this shoot. It was 15º while we were shooting (yes 15ºF with a windchill around -7º) so they took turns bundling up to stay warm while the other was being photographed. We had a great location, using the now abandoned Coffee Creek Golf Course in Edmond, OK. The trees, creek, and bridges made for a beautiful setting.

Shout out to Katie from Olive Branch Studios for setting up this shoot and providing these beautiful dresses for the girls to wear. Lakyn is wearing the red dress, and Shawna is in the green. This was actually what we call a shoot out, where multiple photographers get together on one shoot to build their portfolio. I love doing these because it helps us all to learn from each-other, while getting to know others in the industry. I am all about community over competition, and love working with other photographers and building each-other up.

This whole session was only about 30 minutes all in all, then it was off to the cars for everyone to warm up. It is brutally cold doing these snow sessions, but they are SO MUCH FUN, and the images are always so beautiful.

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